Bike Light Prototype


In this example, we're going to build a custom light for your bike.  You can display text or even turn signals.  To keep it simple, I'm going to print SLOW DOWN along with some flashy animation on my beam.



Connect Beam to Arduino

Follow the hookup guide here

Glue on Red Acrylic

For this example, we're going to glue a piece of red acrylic for our rear bike light.  Your nearest tech shop should be able to help you with this or wrap your beam in transparent packaging paper.

Attach Beam to your bike.

The simplest way is to use Velcro stickys.  You can find these on amazon for under 5$!  Link here

Download Code from Github and Flash!

Download the library and navigate to the /examples/BeamTransit folder.  

FIX ME, where is the code location. 

You're all set

Hopefully at this point, your project is working as expecting.  Any easy way to make sure everything is working is to open up your serial monitor and check for debug messages being printed by the Beam library. We highly recommend following the quick start guide here. If it's still not working, double check your wiring or email us at