Getting started with Hover & Raspberry Pi



The Hover PCB detects multiple gestures and 5 touch positions.  Hover communicates to your Raspberry Pi via I2C.



On the backside of the Hover PCB, there is female connector that can be used to connect to the your host microcontroller.   You'll need wires to connect to your microcontroller.

HOST_V+: Connect to the 3.3V on your Raspberry Pi.

3.3V: Connect to the 3.3V pin on your Raspberry Pi.

GND: Connect to ground pin. 

TS: Connect to any Digital pin on your RPI.  Default library uses GPIO 23.

RESET: Connect to any Digital pin on your RPI. Default library uses GPIO 24. 

LED: Optional - can be used to connect to an LED + resistor to indicate a successful tap or gesture.

SCL: Connect to SCL pin on your RPI

SDA: Connect to SDA pin on your RPI 


Hit the link on the right to grab the latest Hover library. 

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