Beam notifications with IFTTT


Connect Beam to Particle Photon

Follow the hookup guide here.

Setup an IFTTT recipe

If you don't have already have an account, go to IFTTT and sign up for a free account.  Click on My Recipes > Create a Recipe.   Your THIS will be Fitbit (Daily Step Goal Achieved) and THAT will be Particle (Publish an Event).      

Click here for the Recipe link on IFTTT.

Configure the Action

Under Publish an Event, we need to set the Event Name to Fitbit_Steps.  For the Data field, you can choose to display Step Goal, Steps and Date Achieved.  In this example, we will only display number of Steps.  

Download Code from Github and Flash!

Download the library and navigate to the /examples/IFTTT folder.  Copy the library over as well to the Particle IDE and flash!

You're all set

Hopefully at this point, your project is working as expecting.  Any easy way to make sure everything is working is to open up your serial monitor and check for debug messages being printed by the Beam library. We highly recommend following the quick start guide here. If it's still not working, double check your wiring or email us at