Never miss the bus again


Connect Beam to Particle Photon

Here is the simplified version on how to wire up your Beam to the Photon

Sign up for Open API

In Vancouver, we have the Translink Open API available.  Go to and sign up for a free account

Find your bus stop #

The easiest way I've found is using Google Maps.  In my example, I've searched from MEC Vancouver to BC Place.  When I display the details of the Bus Directions, the bus stop ID will show up underneath the Bus Number and Route.  In this case, my bus stop ID = 50482.  

Register your Webhook into Particle Cloud

In the Particle CLI, register your webhook with the following code.  
webhook create

Go to the Mall

Find the food court and relax

Download Code from Github

Ready to use code

Compile and Flash Code

Using Particle Dev, compile and flash the code.

Get ready to celebrate

It's flashing. Give it a second.


It's works.  Never late again to work.